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12/2/ · Ripple price could be on the verge of a significant sell-off according to a crucial indicator. XRP has experienced wild volatility because a Reddit group organized a pump on the digital asset. Concerns about the SEC lawsuit are still in the air and negatively affect XRP. On January 30, Ripple price had a massive breakout. However, was an additional sell-off on the cards? XRP’s defensive zone of $ and $ was expected to cushion incoming losses but there was a slim chance of a breakdown as well. Reasoning. XRP’s Relative Strength Index has failed to move above 50 over the past month. 30/6/ · The channel was broken once the price hit support at $, after which a sell-off was triggered. The XRP value dropped as low as $ after where it found support and reversed. As XRP’s price tried to recover once again, bearishness prevailed in the pilotenkueche.de: Namrata Shukla. 23/6/ · XRP price attempts an upswing XRP price crashed roughly 40%, breaking through the May 23 swing low at $ This massive sell-off formed a Author: Akash Girimath.

It has been a month since the crypto crash but the market has shown no clear signs of recovery just yet. Majority of altcoins have traded below major resistance marks and the same was no different for XRP. However, was an additional sell-off on the cards? At the time of writing, the index flashed oversold conditions and warranted a reversal over the coming days. Stochastic RSI highlighted a bullish crossover in the oversold region.

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Bakkt bitcoin volume chart

Source: XRPUSD on TradingView. The asset rejected this price level and trended lower, forming a descending channel. The XRP market was highly volatile when the price surged on 29th June. Even though volatility reduced with the falling price of the asset, it has not yet left the market. The signal line surpassed the price bars when the value depreciated; this pushed the market towards the bearish zone.

However, the falling price received support from the 50 Moving Average which was right under the candlesticks. The MA remained under the candlesticks and could be put to test as the selling pressure rises. As per Awesome Oscillator indicator, the XRP market had already hit the bearish momentum and was rising. Although correcting from the recent fall, the XRP market remained in the trenches. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

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xrp sell off

Stock market trading volume history

In recent years, digital currencies are gaining popularity day by day. Along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP Ripple is one of the top giants of the cryptocurrency market. This fact alone makes us take a closer look at the Ripple project. However, in December , the U. SEC issued a lawsuit against the XRP cryptocurrency project.

Since that moment the things are quite different. At Changelly, we keep you up to date with the latest innovations of the XRP coin, as well as the entire Ripple ecosystem. We will try to study its history, features, weaknesses, and strengths, as well as assess the prospects of Ripple. The forerunner of the modern Ripple platform, the RipplePay system, appeared back in Canadian programmer Ryan Fugger managed to create a decentralized payment platform for a wide range of users.

The project did not get big success.

xrp sell off

Stock market trading apps

Despite sliding down to the 5th position in the cryptocurrency ladder, the coin has stayed strong near the support area. XRP has been stuck in a consolidation for nearly two weeks now. Definitive uptrend has so far failed to occur even as several top cryptocurrencies posted rallies. The latest market wide pullback has further diminished bullish hints.

Besides, XRP was down by 3. Its daily chart depicted a descending triangle pattern taking shape, right after recorvering from the sharp fall with the price oscillating between one horizontal and one upward sloping trendline. But till the pattern continues we can expect the crypto-asset to consolidate more and head sideways.

The moving averages also hovered above the XRP price candles resisting a potential uptrend. After treading in the positive zone for nearly two weeks, the MACD geared up for a bearish breakout which further validated the mounting presence for a downside price action. The OBV indicator was steady which pointed towards a period of consolidation in the price of the token.

The RSI continued to be well below the median line depicting a sentiment of high sell-pressure among the market participants. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer About us Write for us Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact All Posts Advertise. Footer News Altcoin News Bitcoin News Blockchain Tron News World.

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Nevertheless, the pair failed to attract fresh upside bids near its latest peak. On the other hand, it faced selling pressure from traders looking to secure their short-term profits. Ripple corrects massively after logging a percent-plus bull run. Source: XRPUSD on TradingView. It overall resulted in a massive downside correction ahead of the New York opening bell. Evidence also indicated that traders panic-sold their XRP positions after Coinbase, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, suffered an outage.

Some claimed that they bought XRP at local tops before Coinbase went offline, only to find the same holdings at lower rates after the exchange resumed services. Is there anything we can do about it? Are we gonna get a refund, or can we recover it? The Coinbase FUD rippled across other normal functioning exchanges, causing traders to sell their XRP as a part of their risk management strategy. Airdrops tend to attract freeloaders — traders who want to gain exposure in an upcoming cryptocurrency for free so they can sell it later for guaranteed profits.

That explains people are buying XRP en masse to qualify for Spark ownership. On the other hand, those with an appetite for growth-based investment opportunities are looking at Flare as a potential competitor to Ethereum. That is further prompting them to accumulate XRP tokes, so they become an early adopter of a Ripple-backed smart contract project.

Aktien höchste dividende dax

XRP token price is trading just above a critical support zone, breaching which might lead to further continuation of the downtrend. The sharp sell-off has resulted in the slope of significant EMAs. It is down Till then, the support zone tries to halt the downtrend and to push the price back up. Since May , Jed has conducted seven transactions of 17,, XRP, another seven of 13,, XRP, and six transfers of 10,, XRP. As per the daily timeframe, the coin price is trading closely with the white EMA indicating the losing side of bulls, and the high selling volume is something investors might want to check before buying the dip.

The RSI losing bearishness indicates slowing bearish momentum while trading at The RSI line has dipped and is now heading lower in the oversold region, and bullishness can be expected from RSI as it might reverse soon. The ADX reflects a growing trend momentum as the price finds support near the zone and EMA, and it is trading at 20 while the slope in ADX is prepping up to move higher. Conclusion — XRP token price faced sharp sell-off, and the possibility of downtrend continuation is high as Jed McCaleb continues his daily selling.

The fallout of the support zone will generate a buzzing sell signal for XRP. Get this news hand-delivered to you on Telegram. Vishal Dixit is a technical analyst with over a year of experience in the Indian stock market. He likes to read, learn and practice more about cryptocurrency, Forex, and Equity.

Britisches geld zum ausdrucken

Ripple and its digital token XRP have been in a mutual and profitable journey over the years. The two payments entities have made impacts amidst major businesses and institutions. More importantly, Ripple and the digital token XRP have come out successfully from the highly competitive cross-border and international payments industry.

Nevertheless, despite all the significant efforts put in place by Ripple to create liquidity expected to favor the price of XRP, the growth of the digital token has been lethargic year-to-date. This slow growth has actually left many XRP and crypto enthusiasts wondering. Jed McCaleb co-founded Ripple with Chris Larsen but left the firm to create Stellar XLM , a decentralized payment network that has the semblance of XRP.

Also, the same McCaleb founded Mt. In early , when Jed McCaleb left Ripple, he was in possession of about 7 billion XRP, which would leave a devastating impact on the price of XRP if sold at once. According to CryptoWhale, the tracked activity of McCaleb reveals that he now sells 1. He will probably be the only person to become a self-made billionaire despite his best efforts.

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26/06/ · Impact of a Possible Sell-Off On XRP. As aforementioned, the sum of 20 million XRP worth $4 million was moved by the notorious group to a new wallet a few days ago. This indicates their readiness to sell-off, but the group probably held back due to XRP’s present unfavorable price action. 30/06/ · The channel was broken once the price hit support at $, after which a sell-off was triggered. The XRP value dropped as low as $ after where it found support and reversed. As XRP’s price tried to recover once again, bearishness prevailed in the market. This bearishness could push the value further down to $

The fourth-largest digital currency XRP has been having difficult years since January , when it recorded its price all-time high. XRP community members have remained faithful, believing that their patience will pay off someday. When the performance of XRP over the last years is compared to other cryptocurrencies in its chain, it could simply be deduced that the digital currency has so far underperformed.

In the past few days, the PlusToken Ponzi Scheme has been moving Bitcoin BTC and other cryptocurrencies , such as XRP, ETH, and EOS , from wallets to another, indicating its readiness to offload these assets on the open market. The digital token XRP in particular is expected to greatly feel the impact when the notorious group decides to sell-off, due to the million tokens in its custody. The group has been quiet for quite a long time, but it recently resumed its activity.

The price resurgence in the market has been attributed to its recent activity. The head of DTC Capital, Spencer Noon, shared the recent batch of transactions attached to PlusToken Ponzi scheme wallets. He wrote :. The big question: can the crypto markets absorb this volume or are we headed lower? In the tweet, he showed concern about the aftermath of moving the sum of ,, XRP to exchanges from PlusToken.

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