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Political parties. There’s a clear north-south party divide among Italian voters. As the map below shows, the anti-establishment Five Star Movement is most popular in the south, while the anti-immigrant League (formerly the Northern League) enjoys most of its support across the north and centre of the country. 11/12/ · The political party Lega Norda (or Northern League) actually wants to separate northern Italy from its southern half. The national conflict goes something like this: Northerner: “You Southerners are taking our resources and money!”Author: Cale Molson. 15/11/ · Now, many say, the divide between north and south — the curse of Italian unity since the nation was formed in — has never been pilotenkueche.deted Reading Time: 9 mins. 6/11/ · The origins of the Italian north–south economic divide have always been controversial. This column argues that using real wages in the 19th century, rather than output data, sheds new light on this debate. At unification, there was already a significant gap between real wages in the north and continental south, which widened as the north-west industrialised.

By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail. Published: BST, 23 May Updated: BST, 23 May Researchers have dissected the evolutionary history of Italians for the first time, revealing their extraordinary diversity dates back 19, years. The study shows that northern and southern Italians evolved differently over time due to contrasting environmental and ecological circumstances that resulted in the peculiarities of their gene pools.

The results help to explain the differences in the health of both groups, as well as their predisposition to certain diseases. The team sequenced the entire genome of participants from both locations, resulting in more than 17 million genetic variants that were compared to human remains dating from the Upper Paleolithic to the Bronze Age.

The team identified traces of post-glacial migrations in those living in northern Italy, who also presented a close relation to ancient European cultures such as the Magdalenian and the Epigravettian – these groups were mainly situated in what is now France and Spain. On the other hand, southern Italians were found to have a close relation with Neolithic human remains from Anatolia, modern-day Turkey, and the Middle East, and with Bronze-Age remains from south Caucasus – a region that extends into Africa.

Researchers also discovered peculiarities characterizing people living in the north and south that evolved due to different environments that contribute to reducing the risk of kidney inflammation and skin cancers, as well as the risk of diabetes and obesity, favoring a longer lifespan. Researchers have dissected the evolutionary history of Italians for the first time, revealing their extraordinary diversity dates back to 19, years ago.

The results showed exact culture that impacted both the northern and southern regions of the country.

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north south italy divide

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It is a fact that geographical stereotypes exist and they make for first-rate stand-up comedy material. We all are familiar with some of them and we all have yielded to the temptation of using them, when assessing or trying to comprehend an unfamiliar context or when defining our identity with respect to someone else. Most stereotypes happen to be wildly inaccurate generalisations, which, come to think of it, is the perfect definition of a stereotype.

Despite knowing that we will almost certainly be wrong in judging someone according to a stereotype, we find it hard to let our preconceptions go. You might be surprised to learn, for instance, that what you probably believe to be the national Italian stereotype is not even that. It is in fact the Southern Italian stereotype. If you take a map of Italy and draw a horizontal line just north of Rome, you will end up with two large regions whose inhabitants might feel closer to the population of a foreign country than they feel to their fellow nationals on the other side.

The divide between the North and the South of Italy is not unlike the equivalent phenomena that can be observed in the UK, France or Germany. In Italy, this has much to do with national unity being a relatively recent achievement Italy as a Nation was born in , that drew together populations that were fundamentally different and that have been finding their collective feet ever since.

Are there real differences between the North and the South of Italy?

north south italy divide

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By Crispian Balmer. Whoever ends up governing the country after the inconclusive March 4 ballot will not be able to ignore the gaping chasm, but will face deeply conflicting demands from the two halves of a fractured nation, and few funds to remedy the situation. The split between the industrialized north and the deprived south has never been so stark and is likely to have profound implications for Italy and Europe for years to come.

Its economy shrank 7. Unemployment in the south stands at almost 18 percent versus 6. With 4. This helped it become the largest single party nationwide and partly explains its unparalleled success in the south, which used to back mainstream center-left or center-right groups. By contrast, it picked up just three out of 90 first-past-the-post seats across six northern regions, including the wealthy Lombardy and Veneto, where the far-right League shone at the head of a center-right bloc.

Talks have yet to start on forming a new government, but the next coalition is bound to include either 5-Star or the League, which make up the two largest blocks of seats in parliament. They could even try to work together, sharing a similarly iconoclastic approach to politics, but their flagship campaign pledges are mutually exclusive. Not only could Italy never afford both a universal wage and a flat tax, but the two measures would likely anger opposing voters.

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The north-south divide is a term used to describe the social, economic and cultural disparities between the London and the south-east of England and the rest of the UK. People living in the south-east typically have a longer life expectancy, higher income and better standard of living than those living in the north. House prices in the south-east are higher due to high demand.

Rates of unemployment are higher in the north as regions continue to adjust to de-industrialisation. The map below shows a clear north-south divide in the median gross weekly earnings for all local authorities in Great Britain. The graph below illustrates the south is more resilient to national economic influences than the north. Following the recession, employee numbers increased in the south.

However, it was not until that employee numbers in the north began to increase again. The main cause of the north-south divide is de-industrialisation, as manufacturing industries, traditionally located in the north have closed. As you can see from the data below manufacturing continues to be very important in the north whereas in the south it is ranked 7th. Any changes in manufacturing have a considerable impact on the north.

As the northern economy declined the south-east became increasingly prosperous in response to the growth of the financial and service sector and the dominance of London. The growth in incomes led to increased house prices in the south-east.

north south italy divide

Aktien höchste dividende dax

At first glance, Italy may seem like two separate countries. But what if that one country, Italy for example, has two very exclusive cultures? Germans, Byzantines, Spaniards, Greeks, Arabs and the Romans have all influenced regions of Italy in one way or another. Northern Italy is bordered by countries like France, Switzerland and Austria, which heavily influenced their culture.

Travel far enough north in Italy and you may find people wearing German lederhosen. Southern Italy is much more traditional than its northern counterpart. Many say that southern Italy is similar to Greece and Spain, two countries that also border the Mediterranean Sea. This could be an advantage for your business in southern Italy if you have experience negotiating in Spain or Greece.

The middle region of Italy is interesting for foreign visitors, and even for Italians from the north or the south. Here are three differences that your business should pay attention to when doing business in Italy. Northerners usually eat dinner at around 7 p. Daylight plays a large role in this as well, depending on whether you live in eastern or western Italy.

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The death of Diego Maradona, hero of Naples, the largest city in southern Italy, has focused global attention on the divide in Italy between the rich north and the historically impoverished south. He was arrested by the Fascists before he could finish it, but it has become a classic, often taken up by intellectuals in the Global South. Gramsci excoriates intellectuals — including socialist intellectuals — for misusing the language of science to present southerners as an ignorant and politically docile mass.

This is a lightly edited extract from the essay. It is well known what kind of ideology has been disseminated in myriad ways among the masses in the north, by the propagandists of the bourgeoisie: the south is the ball and chain which prevents the social development of Italy from progressing more rapidly; the southerners are biologically inferior beings, semi-barbarians or total barbarians, by natural destiny; if the south is backward, the fault does not lie with the capitalist system or with any other historical cause, but with nature, which has made the southerners lazy, incapable, criminal and barbaric — only tempering this harsh fate with the purely individual explosion of a few great geniuses, like isolated palm trees in an arid and barren desert.

The Socialist Party was to a great extent the vehicle for this bourgeois ideology within the northern proletariat. They reacted energetically, in practical forms, and succeeded in achieving concrete results of the greatest historical significance. They succeeded in achieving, precisely in Turin, embryonic forms of what will be the solution to the southern problem. The south can be defined as a great social disintegration. Southern society is a great agrarian bloc, made up of three social layers: the great amorphous, disintegrated mass of the peasantry; the intellectuals of the petty and medium rural bourgeoisie; and the big landowners and great intellectuals.

The southern peasants are in perpetual ferment, but as a mass they are incapable of giving a centralised expression to their aspirations and needs. The middle layer of intellectuals receives the impulses for its political and ideological activity from the peasant base. The big landowners in the political field and the great intellectuals in the ideological field centralise and dominate, in the last analysis, this whole complex of phenomena.

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The divide between the North and South is not new, it has been in Italy’s economy since unification in In , Italy’s youth unemployment rate stood at 35%, which is very high. In Naples, however, it was 53%, a shocking difference. Italy’s North-South divide, since Unification until our days. The first section provides an updated discussion of regional differences − in income but also in social indicators − at the time of the country’s Unification (). In the second section, the evolution of regional GDPs from the late XIX century until.

It is shamelessly unoriginal. None of the actors is a front-rank star. And it was the director’s first solo feature movie. Cinema managers reported the sale of tickets per screen was at levels usually only seen at Christmas. The film is an acknowledged remake of a French movie, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, which told the story of a southern postal employee unhappily transferred to the north.

But in an Italian context, and with a self-pitying northern hero dispatched to the Mezzogiorno, the plot acquires more political bite. Italians are flocking to see the movie as their country prepares for the th anniversary of unification next year, at a time when the notionally separatist Northern League has never been stronger. The League already has enough parliamentary clout to bring down Silvio Berlusconi’s government and polls suggest that, in the event of a snap election, it would increase its share of the vote by half.

Days before the release of Benvenuti al Sud, the Northern League leader, Umberto Bossi, described the Romans as „pigs“. That is a view that would no doubt be endorsed by the wife of the film’s hero. She is the leader of a thinly disguised Northern League vigilante patrol with a sense of civic duty so strong she will not let her son accept a balloon from a street trader unless it is accompanied by a valid tax receipt.

When her husband, played by Claudio Bisio, is posted south of Naples, she buys him a flak jacket. What he finds is something at odds with his prejudices. The people of the hilltop town of Castellabate are admittedly incomprehensible.

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