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Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH mit Sitz in Hamburg ist im Handelsregister mit der Rechtsform Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung eingetragen. Das Unternehmen wird beim Amtsgericht Hamburg unter der Handelsregister-Nummer HRB geführt. Das Unternehmen ist . HRB Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH, Hamburg, Hohe Bleichen 8, pilotenkueche.deschaft mit beschränkter Haftung. Gesellschaftsvertrag vom Geschäftsanschrift: Hohe Bleichen 8, pilotenkueche.detand: Gegenstand des Unternehmens ist der globale Handel mit nicht genehmigungspflichtigen Waren aller Art, Anlagen, Maschinen, . 9/3/ · Company publications and network for Hassan Haddadi Sedehi, Hamburg, Germany: Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH, Intra Chem Trading GmbH, Shahed International Trading GmbH. Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH – rövid céginformáció napon.

For decades as a chemical supplier, we’ve sourced raw materials from chemical suppliers around the world and marketed them to manufacturers serving key industrial and consumer marketplaces. These relationships are based on a long-standing chemicals expertise, exceptional follow-through and the fastest turnaround times in the business.

As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors NACD , Parchem is committed to exceeding environmental, health, safety and continuous improvement standards as set forth in the Responsible Distribution Process. We’re a full-service chemical distributor partner helping our customers meet manufacturing and distribution requirements at all levels of the supply chain.

As a chemical supplier, we supply fine and specialty chemicals from our extensive network of global sourcing offices. We are governed by the guiding principles of innovation, resourcefulness, proactiveness and accuracy. Parchem is working throughout the COVID pandemic as an essential business, providing materials that are vital to the global effort against this virus. We are ready and able to fulfill your ethan They have a great range of products to source from including a good number of hard to find items.

Parchem should always be strongly considered by others looking for a dependable chemical supply partner

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Bakkt bitcoin volume chart

We have an unparalleled grasp of crude oil markets globally, access to extensive infrastructure and longstanding relationships with producers and refiners worldwide. We help the former to effectively market and distribute their daily production, and the latter to secure a reliable and consistent supply of the right quality crude at the right time. Our longterm producers provide us with grease and lube products based on highly advanced formulations and the latest technology.

All of the products are developed by the engineers, all of whom have direct industry and plant experience. We have been providing our customers worldwide with tar, asphalt and natural bitumen for over 15 years. We have been engaged in the field of fuel supply globally for many years, supplying to scores of renowned establishment as well as prestigious projects.

We have been paving the way to a leading position in global petrochemical trading and logistics supply solutions. Over time, we have grown into a global company with reach in key areas of the globe. With the help of our partners, our management has been supplying energy safely, securely and cost-effectively all around the world for over 20 years.

What We Trade. Sustainability Having a more sustainable globe is at the heart of our business to support the life of the future generation and protect our globe.

global petchem trading company gmbh

Stock market trading volume history

CLICK TO READ MORE. Signed in as:. Sign out. Traders transacting through this platform have undergone our rigorous and extensive vetting and background checks and are certified to be capable of transacting successfully. The platform directly engages in every aspect of the transaction process to ensure the smoothest experience in implementation of the sale and delivery of fuel. A proven ability to receive and transport the product upon delivery.

Banking at a reputable bank. Not selling the product to any party residing in, liaised with, or transporting to a location in, a country or territory under trade embargo by the United States of America, European Union, Hong Kong S. Seller must submit verified Technical Specification of the product s it intends to sell. Verification agency must be a neutral inspection agency of International repute Seller must have an official website detailing Corporate information and activities.

Email addresses with public domain servers are not accepted. Trader Due Diligence:.

global petchem trading company gmbh

Stock market trading apps

Toggle navigation Deutsches Handelsregister. Login Kontakt Impressum Hilfe Blog. Neue Firmen Branchenbuch. Bitte schreiben Sie eine Bewertung zur Firma Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH: E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht :. Gesellschaftsvertrag vom Gegenstand: Gegenstand des Unternehmens ist der globale Handel mit nicht genehmigungspflichtigen Waren aller Art, Anlagen, Maschinen, Ersatzteilen, Rohmaterial und insbesondere mit chemischen sowie petrochemischen Produkten.

Stammkapital: Alleinvertretungsbefugnis kann erteilt werden. Bilanzen, Jahresabschlüsse und Zahlen der Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH Es wurden bislang keine Bilanzen oder Jahresabschlüsse veröffentlicht. Veröffentlichungen der Firma Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH. Firmen in Hamburg Orte im Umkreis! Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH Das deutsche Unternehmen Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH ist im Handelsregister beim Amtsgericht Amtsgericht Hamburg unter der Nummer HRB eingetragen.

Die Firma hat ihre Geschäftsräume unter der Anschrift Hohe Bleichen 8 , Hamburg. In der Nähe befinden sich die citye Hamburg und Altona.

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Unlike conventional material distributors, we see ourselves as a one-stop shop for the polymer-processing industry. That means we offer not only polymers but also polymer-based products and solutions to our customers all over the world. Each industry has its own laws. With our strategic key accounts and wealth of experience, we know what matters in the construction, automotive, industry and packaging sectors.

More Information. Standard polymers, technical thermoplastics, recycling materials, extrusion machines and much, much more. The way we see it; age, gender and background are irrelevant. What matters to us is diversity. We appreciate and encourage initiative and entrepreneurial attitude, fair play and team spirit. Completely in keeping with our claim: Trade. Meraxis uses cookies to personalize your visit to meraxis-group.

By using the website you agree to the use of cookies.

Aktien höchste dividende dax

With our products we contribute to the health of people and plants. Here you find an overview of the major Bayer products. Skip to content. Half-Year Financial Report Strong Growth, Guidance Upgrade. Enter Search term. Help Advanced search. Select any language from this drop down any language Arabic Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Icelandic Italian Japanese Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish.

Select the website you want Only this website All Bayer websites worldwide. Select any formate from this drop down Any Format Adobe Acrobat PDF. Select no of results from this drop down 10 Results per Page 20 Results per Page 30 Results per Page 50 Results per Page Results per Page. Explore Your Topic. Bayer Strengthens Drug Discovery Platform through Acquisition of Vividion Therapeutics. Thursday, August 05,

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ICC Chemical Corporation is the global trading arm of ICC Industries Inc. It is headquartered in New York City and has twenty-five offices and representatives worldwide. Acting as principal in all transactions, ICC Chemical trades and distributes chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals throughout the world. Skip to content Celebrating Over Sixty Years of International Excellence ICC Chemical Corporation is the global trading arm of ICC Industries Inc.

ICC obtains FDA approval and imports bulk active ingredients for generic pharmaceutical companies in the U. ICC South America develops and supports the trading of chemicals and plastics into and out of the region. ICC provides local contact and support to suppliers and customers for both the deep-sea bulk commodity and chemical and plastics business units.

With extensive experience in purchasing, transporting and financing imported products, ICC provides the highest quality materials at competitive prices. ICC Chemical is a leader in the distribution and trading of commodity and specialty chemicals and plastics in Eastern Europe. Based in New York City, with offices in the U.

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25/9/ · As a Senior Procurement Officer at Global Petchem Trading Company GmbH, he was responsible for the leadership and management of the global procurement of spare parts, machinery and chemicals for petrochemical refineries. He was also involved in the maintenance and development of supplier relationships as well as end customer support. 4/1/ · Your powerful Partner in Chemicals. We have been providing our customers with high quality products and an extensive service worldwide for over 25 years. During this time, we developed innovative solutions to react flexible to changes on this constantly changing market and to be able to deliver products with the highest quality on time.

We are expanding our business based on the largest demander, Chinese market, and are exploring means to move forward to the America and Southeast Asia in accordance with the changes in supply and demand in the petrochemical market. In addition, we intend to continuously develop our chemical materials business by starting the growth businesses including semiconductors and batteries.

The Steel business supplies steels produced in domestic or overseas to the overseas market. Furthermore, we are expanding triangular-trade through the supply of products made by overseas manufacturers. The target nations for our export cover from such Asian nations as China, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and India to all over the world such as the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Australia.

We are actively conducting global trading through partnerships with domestic manufacturers such as Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, and Ssangyong Motor Company, and foreign manufacturers such as Renault Motors of France, and SAIC and Changan Automobile of China. Our Automotive Business is rapidly growing after the first exporting of domestic cars and auto parts to the Middle East in , the business expansion based on the strategic partnership with mass customers in , and the product line expansion to Chinese cars in Since , we have strengthened a stable income base by continuously exploring new markets to Africa, Southwest Asia, and Europe from the existing main market in the Middle East.

We plan to keep reinforcing the stable business portfolio, expanding the global supply chain and market, and discovering new products such as auto parts. Moreover, through the continuous customer value exploring, we will enhance our profits and growth based on thorough risk management.

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