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06/08/ · The EU’s Aid for Trade Strategy was adopted in October in response to the WTO-led AfT Initiative. Its aim was to help developing countries better integrate into the international trading system and take greater advantage of the poverty-reducing benefits of economic openness and enhanced trade efficiency.2/5. 22/09/ · The EU’s Aid for Trade (AfT) strategy was adopted in , in response to the Aid for Trade initiative launched by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in , encouraging developing countries to recognise the role trade can play in their sustainable development. The EU’s AfT strategy helps partner countries better integrate into the global trading Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. 25/03/ · The Aid-for-Trade stocktaking event aims to survey the trade impacts of the COVID pandemic and make the case for the mobilisation of Aid-for-Trade financing to support recovery and foster resilience. Over the past 25 years, trade has generated sustained global economic growth, higher income levels and reduced poverty. 09/10/ · Our findings are suggestive that EU AfT initiatives have mitigated global trade injustices by levelling the political, if not institutional, playing fields and by working to attract FDI from both EU and non-EU sources. Keywords: Aid for Trade, neo-colonialism, dependency, foreign Author: Samuel Rueckert Brazys, Johanne Saltnes, Arya Pillai.

Contact us Site map A-Z Search. Aid for Trade helps developing countries, and particularly least developed countries, trade. Many developing countries face a range of supply-side and trade-related infrastructure obstacles which constrains their ability to engage in international trade. The WTO-led Aid-for-Trade Initiative encourages developing country governments and donors to recognize the role that trade can play in development.

In particular, the initiative seeks to mobilize resources to address the trade-related constraints identified by developing and least-developed countries. Events: At the Tenth Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, on December , ministers agreed the following text on Aid for Trade as part of the Ministerial Declaration:. The purpose of the Global Review is to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of Aid for Trade to provide a strong incentive to both donors and recipients for advancing the Aid for Trade agenda.

Activities under the Aid-for-Trade initiative are carried out on the basis of a biennial work programme. These work programmes promote deeper coherence among Aid for Trade partners and an on-going focus on Aid for Trade among the trade and development community, with the emphasis on showing results. Work programmes have generated impetus for Aid for Trade activities on the ground.

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BRUSSELS — European Union leaders on Thursday offered new incentives to Turkey to improve cooperation on migration and trade despite democratic backsliding in the country and lingering concerns about its energy ambitions in the Mediterranean Sea. That deal massively reduced migrant arrivals into the Greek islands, compared to when hundreds of thousands of people landed on European shores.

The EU believes the deal saved countless lives, stopped most people from trying to cross the Aegean Sea to Greek islands like Lesbos and Samos, and improved life for refugees in Turkey. It wants to use the agreement as a model for similar arrangements with countries in North Africa. But aid groups say the pact created open-air prisons where thousands have languished in squalid conditions on the Greek islands while others were blocked in Turkey.

The agreement ground to a standstill a year ago as the coronavirus spread and after Turkey encouraged thousands of migrants to leave, sparking clashes at the Greek border. EU diplomats said before their videoconference summit that the leaders wanted to take advantage of a lull in tensions between Greece, Cyprus and Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean and to avoid any threats or sanctions that could undermine a new peace effort for divided Cyprus.

Periods of calm in EU-Turkey relations have quickly come and gone, and worrying trends concerning human and political rights in Turkey have continued. Last week, the EU criticized Turkish authorities for stripping a prominent pro-Kurdish legislator of his parliamentary seat and seeking to shut down his political party. LOG IN.

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eu aid for trade

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Africa Union and its Member States. The AfCFTA complements existing regional trade agreements in Africa. Official info: African Union Commission , UN Economic Commission for Africa Further info: Trade Law Centre TRALAC. What is the AfCFTA? This will be driven forward by the complementary Single African Air Transport Market and the Protocol on Free Movement of Persons.

Markets for products and services are also needed to increase sustainable investments and jobs – the main goals of the Africa-Europe Alliance launched in The themes also features highly in the joint political declarations of both continents, notably in the 5th AU-EU Summit and the Post-Cotonou negotiations. The AfCFTA is a framework agreement covering trade in goods and services including the following protocols: Trade in Goods, Trade in Services, Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Policy, Investment and Dispute Settlement.

The AfCFTA agreement aims to progressively reduce and eventually eliminate customs duties and non-tariff barriers on goods and allow free provision of services in priority sectors. The different protocols are negotiated in two phases see figure below. Phase 1 focused on three protocols: trade in goods with its 9 annexes, trade in services with its 3 annexes and dispute settlement.

eu aid for trade

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We track aid-for-trade flows and share good practice so that developing countries can capitalise on the opportunities of international trade. Global Review examined the theme of „Supporting Economic Diversification and Empowerment“. Aid used for trade is helping developing countries diversify, driving investment and creating jobs. Use our Aid for Trade Interactive Database created from reporting to the OECD Creditor Reporting System CRS to view and compare trends, categories, breakdowns, and top ten donors and recipients.

The interactive database provides information on donor countries‘ aid projects as reported to the OECD Creditor Reporting System CRS. Users can search by country and year, download data, compare and see project descriptions. The OECD and the WTO established an aid-for-trade monitoring framework based on the recommendation by the WTO Task Force on Aid for Trade of establishing accountability mechanisms at national and global levels, which help track progress in the implementation and enhance the credibility of the Aid for Trade Initiative.

OECD Home Development Co-operation Directorate Aid for trade Aid for trade. Aid for Trade at a Glance Aid used for trade is helping developing countries diversify, driving investment and creating jobs. Aid-for-Trade stocktaking event Aid for Trade: all the key facts in 9 graphs.

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ISSN – Footer. ISSN X. EU Aid for Trade progress report Navigation Menu. Publication detail. Publication detail Home. Maintenance EN. Please note that this website will be undergoing technical maintenance between 28 and 31 August. Consequently, users may experience instabilities and limited functionality. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Two EU commissioners participated in the fourth global review of aid for trade in Geneva on 8 July. The event was aimed at providing an opportunity for donors and developing countries to look at how aid for trade is helping people trade and what has been achieved. Andris Piebalgs, responsible for development aid, and Karel de Gucht, who holds the trade portfolio, took part in the event, organised by the World Trade Organisation WTO.

Piebalgs told EurActiv that the meeting was „a key opportunity“ for donors and developing countries to come together to look at how aid for trade is helping people see background, below. He added that this year’s joint report, Aid for Trade at a Glance: Connecting to Value Chains from the WTO and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD provided evidence that aid for trade increased trade performance.

The EU is also a strong proponent of trade facilitation, within the wider aid for trade initiative. However, some NGOs question the effectiveness of the effort. Traidcraft, a UK-based NGO fighting poverty through trade, and Cafod , the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic church in England and Wales, commissioned a study that looks critically at aid for trade’s achievements and formulates recommendations.

The study pdf says there is very little information available as to whether aid for trade projects and programmes alleviate poverty. It says poverty reduction is only measured at macro-level and in the long-term perspective.

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By Nikolaj Nielsen. EU leaders are likely to agree to use all means possible to keep irregular migrants from leaving Africa to reach Europe when they meet at a summit in Brussels later, according to leaked papers seen by this website. The heads of state are set to back a master plan to use development aid and trade as leverage against so-called countries of origin in Africa.

Watch our editor-in-chief Koert Debeuf explain the reasons in this second video. Most of the people disembarking from Libya to reach Italy by boat come from Nigeria, The Gambia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Egypt. Few are Syrians and most are said to be economic migrants. The renewed emphasis on Africa follows border closures in the Western Balkans and a March deal with Turkey that has resulted in a sharp reduction of people entering Greece.

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel pushed the EU-Turkey deal after some 1 million sought asylum last year in her country. Around 64, people have since reached Italy from the North African coast this year. And almost 3, have died in the attempt. Leaked draft conclusions from the summit, seen by this website, suggest EU states are prepared to do whatever is necessary.

The draft says the EU will „create and apply the necessary leverage“ to slow the flows from Africa. This includes using „all relevant EU policies, instruments and tools, including development and trade“. Those caught in the EU without the right for international protection will be sent home even if there are no readmission agreements, formal arrangements that allow for the returns.

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EU Aid for Trade strategy 2. Flows 3. Quality 2. European Union Permanent Mission to the WTO EU AfT strategy (): 5 pillars 1. Joint EU effort 2. Quantitative ambitions (TRA, Wider AfT) 3. Pro-poor focus, and increased quality 4. EU capacity to deliver high volumes of. EU Aid Explorer – The EU is the largest donor in the world. EU Aid Explorer is a one-stop shop for funding information: it facilitates donor coordination, ensures .

In series: The Development Dimension view more titles. OECD Home Development Co-operation Directorate Aid for trade Aid for Trade and Development Results – A Management Framework – en Aid for trade. Aid for Trade and Development Results A Management Framework This study presents a tool to help design logical frameworks for results-based management of aid for trade. What are donors and partner countries trying to achieve?

Three different levels of possible objectives i. Trade is treated as an intermediate objective, serving as a transmission mechanism, with an increase in the value for trade as the final objective. Six case studies – Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, Rwanda, Solomon Islands and Viet Nam – provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges involved in introducing a tool for managing results in an agenda that covers a broad area of interventions that are aimed at building trade-related supply side capacities.

TABLE OF CONTENTS. Foreword and Acknowledgements Read PDF Acronyms Read PDF Executive Summary Read PDF Introduction Read PDF A results-based aid-for-trade management framework Read PDF Managing aid for trade and development results in Solomon Islands Read PDF Managing aid for trade and development results in Bangladesh Read PDF Managing aid for trade and development results in Ghana Read PDF Managing aid for trade and development results in Viet Nam Read PDF Managing aid for trade and development results in Rwanda Read PDF Managing aid for trade and development results in Colombia Read PDF Towards new aid-for-trade targets?

Read PDF Aid-for-trade management framework Read PDF Powered by OECD iLibrary. Read PDF.

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