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The Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services is one of the follow-up agreements under the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA). This new agreement stipulates in writing the various matters related to gradually reducing or eliminating restrictions on trade in services across the Taiwan Strait. 1. The Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as this Agreement) is one of the 4 follow-up agreements under the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA). 2. This Agreement is to promote trade in services and to protect the rights and interests of service suppliers in Taiwan and mainland China. 2. Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement. (1) At the Ninth Round of Cross-Strait High-Level Talks between the SEF and the ARATS in June , the two sides signed the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Trade in Services Agreement). This pact is a follow-up agreement under the Economic Cooperation Framework. 12/06/ · Interpretation of the Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services by Head of Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of MOFCOM On June 21, the Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) was signed in Shanghai.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more. Cross Strait Agreement On Trade In Services words – 14 pages. KEEP READING. Canada’s Part In The North American Free Trade Agreement words – 12 pages factor. On January 1st the Free Trade Agreement was expanded and built upon to produce the North America Free Trade Agreement NAFTA , This agreement will continue to change the life of many people until January 1st It was as if the three countries were merging together into an economically powerful nation in a sense of goods.

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cross strait agreement on trade in services

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There are three points made in this article. Third, in view of the intensified economic integration with China, the signing of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement is unavoidable. Il comporte trois points. Comprende tres puntos. The Mainland-based Taiwanese companies imported the intermediate goods and capital equipments from Taiwan, processed in China and exported finished goods to the world market, mainly to the US.

Over the last two decades, the well-established division of labour across the Strait allowed Taiwan from being the main exporter of labour-intensive manufactured goods to the leading producer of Information and Communication Technology ICT products in the world. In , among the top 10 exporting companies in China, 6 of them were subsidiaries of Taiwan enterprises. Several official contacts across the Taiwan Strait already started since the first half of the s.

Since Ma Ying-Jeou took office in , the Cross-Strait talks, halted for 9 years, shortly resumed. As a result, since , the government-to-government cooperation on Cross-Strait affairs have been developed quickly and incorporated a variety of issues, from food security, joint crime fighting to more economic opening up between the two sides.

cross strait agreement on trade in services

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President Tsai meets leaders from Reform for Resilience Commission’s Asia-Pacific Hub On the morning of August 3, President Tsai Ing-wen met with leaders of President Tsai delivers address on Indigenous Peoples‘ Day On the morning of August 1, Indigenous Peoples‘ Day, President Tsai Ing-wen Presidential Office thanks Lithuania for vaccine donation In response to Lithuania’s donation of 20, AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

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Date: Source: Office of Information Services, Executive Yuan. Open Menu Go To Content Executive Yuan, R. Open Search Close Search Search:. Home Site Map. Home Newsroom Executive Yuan Press Releases. Trade in services agreement signed at ninth cross-strait talks. Date: Source: Office of Information Services, Executive Yuan More Button Share on Facebook open new window Share on line open new window Share on twitter open new window Share on plurk open new window Share on LinkedIn open new window Share on Pinterest open new window.

Premier Jiang Yi-huah touted a newly signed cross-strait services trade agreement as signaling the dawn of „an era of full-scale economic exchange and cooperation“ between Taiwan and mainland China. He made the remarks today during a briefing on the outcomes of the ninth-round cross-strait talks held yesterday in Shanghai between Taiwan’s Straits Exchange Foundation SEF and the Beijing-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits.

After being presented with a signed copy of the agreement by Mainland Affairs Council MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi and SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane, Premier Jiang commended the agencies present at the talks for successfully concluding the accord as well as for forging a consensus on importing water from mainland China to the Kinmen islands. The trade in services agreement—a major follow-up pact to the Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement ECFA —will serve as a model for other follow-up negotiations on dispute settlement and trade in goods with the mainland, said Premier Jiang.

It is the first free-trade agreement FTA concluded by the two sides based on the ECFA and the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade in Services. The public is keeping a close eye on the pact’s benefits and potential impact on the local services sector, noted the premier.

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Many protesters fear that The Taiwan agreement will eventually lead to a union with mainland China. However, A majority of interviewees supported an immediate consultation and clause-by-clause review of the CSSTA, as well as greater transparency in the negotiation process and better communication within the government on the pacts with China and the future revision of all cross-border pacts by the Yuan executive and the National Security Council.

Such fears could be mitigated by open and consistent communication with people. Critics of the sunflower movement often say that resistance to CSSTA is irrational. The CSSTA was rejected by the sunflower protesters only because it was a trade agreement that had to be signed with China. And it was the assertion that the sunflower movement was only symptomatic of the conflict over identity.

Debate between politicians during the legislature, a local tradition, has also been ineffective. Indeed, the domesticated counter-reaction has so far allowed the government to appear democratic while promoting a neoliberal agenda supported by conservative legislators, the mainland Chinese government and powerful commercial interests on both sides of the strait. It is true that the initiative of the ruling party to sign the agreement without prior consultation was undemocratic, even because of the lowest standards of democratic political behaviour.

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Against the backdrop of the reeling global economy, Taiwan-China rapprochement has shown steady and, at times, dramatic progress. Goodwill between top officials from the KMT and the Chinese Communist Party CCP at the three official meetings and other side trips notwithstanding, the possibility of reaching a formal agreement in or later depends on complex bilateral i.

China and Taiwan , triangular i. China, Taiwan and the United State , multilateral e. ASEAN, WTO , and even global forces e. Discussion of the EFCA which was originally called the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement or CECA began in late February Each of these antecedents gave a clear imprint to the plan that Ma Ying-jeou alluded to during his campaign and began rolling out after the advent of the new lunar year in February The Cross-Strait Common Market Foundation concept originally developed by Siew derived its inspiration from the early EU model, focusing on trade, tariff reduction, and tariff harmonization as early steps in a process leading eventually to a common currency, shared institutions, and elimination of border controls [ 1 ].

The common market referent provided the two sides with a neutral and successful thought-model that the KMT leadership and Beijing could appeal to during a series of party-to-party talks undertaken in Similarly, the joint accession of China and Taiwan to the WTO in provided an enforceable multilateral framework to which all future trade arrangements-either bilaterally between China and Taiwan or separately with other trading partners in the region and the world-would have to adhere to.

Nourished by these tap-roots, the ECFA concept sprouted again dramatically in early as the global economy continued to worsen. Next, admission was made that the democratic nature of Taiwanese society required more public airing of the concept and a greater degree of consensus-building before the concept would be ripe for finalization in an agreement with Beijing.

Accordingly, the timeframe for concluding the agreement with China has now lengthened. Following the model of the Financial Cooperation Agreement which was discussed informally in the 2nd round in November and formally concluded in the 3rd round in April , the ECFA is being staged for informal levels of discussion at the 4th round of the process, which is slated to take place at the end of United Daily News [Taiwan], May

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15/11/ · The Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services is one among several follow-up agreements under the broader Economic Co–operation Framework Agreement (ECFA) that mainland China and Taiwan concluded in 30/04/ · The agreement will include trade in goods and services, investment, rules for dispute settlement and so on. RCEP negotiations are scheduled to conclude by among ASEAN member states and their.

In order to have the public and enterprises to better understand the Agreement, the head from Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of MOFCOM made interpretations in details on the contents, features and roles of the Agreement as follows:. A: The Agreement includes the body text and two Annexes. The body text consists of four chapters and twenty four articles. Four chapters are General Provisions, Obligations and Standards, Specific Commitment, and Miscellaneous; twenty four articles are Objectives, Definition, Scope, Fair and Equitable Treatment, Information Disclosure and Offer, Management Standards, Commercial Activities, Negotiations for Emergencies, Payment and Transfer, Limitations to Guarantee External Balance of Payments, Exceptions, Cooperation, Market Access, Other Commitments, Schedules of Specific Commitments, Gradual Extension of Limitations on Trade in Services, Revisions to List of Specific Commitments, Contact Mechanism, Deliberation, Dispute Settlement, Format, Annex, Amendment, and Effectiveness; two Annexes are List of Specific Commitments on Trade in Services, and Specific Provisions on Service Providers.

Q: What commitments on opening have been made by both Parties according to the Agreement? Q: What are the unique features of the Agreement compared with other similar economic and trade agreements? A: First, the Agreement is highly open and has a wide coverage. Both Parties have made commitments on opening concerning more than service sectors.

Among others, Mainland China opens further to Taiwan on the basis of commitments made for its WTO entry, and has totally made 80 commitments this time, which is rare in similar agreements that have already been signed by Mainland China. Second, this Agreement has highlighted the characteristics of both sides of the Straits. On one hand, both Parties focus on the objective needs for the development of cross-strait service industry and make reasonable arrangements for the promotion of normalization and liberalization.

On the other hand, based on the full understanding of current economic and social status of Taiwan, Mainland China does not require Taiwan to open specialized fields to Mainland China, showing its greatest sincerity and goodwill. Third, the Agreement is to promote mutual opening with existing mechanism.

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