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4K Invest completes takeover of Adria Airways. 4K Invest, a Luxembourg based investment fund, has completed the takeover of Adria Airways, the national flag carrier of Slovenia. 4K Invest’s spokesperson has confirmed ATW that shareholders have recently adopted a resolution according to which Adria’s shares which are not owned by AA International. /10/06 · Turnaround fund 4K Invest, which part-owned Adria Airways until its demise on Monday, has remained silent since the company declared bankruptcy. The Munich-based fund, registered in Luxembourg, which oversaw the bankruptcy of two carriers under its control over the past three years, has shut down its website, but remains in pilotenkueche.deted Reading Time: 2 mins. /01/19 · The German investment fund, 4K Invest from Munich, has signed a contract for the purchase of a % stake in Adria Airways at a price of € The new shares will be distributed by April 20, after which the German fund is to complete the acquisition pending regulatory approval and the implementation of a series suspensory pilotenkueche.deted Reading Time: 3 mins. /03/16 · As such, inclusive of the shares awarded to 4K Invest during the capital increase of March 8, the firm now holds an equity stake of % in Adria Airways. In the coming days, the firm intends to approach the carrier’s few outstanding shareholders concerning the remaining 4% stake which, once acquired, would allow it total control of the airline.

Shows what criminal activity occurred with 4k. Not only was it sold for , but the government was obligated to give them money. So it was basically given away for free to be destroyed. So it was an operational airline sold for , euros. A city apartment costs more than that. Leased aircraft are liabilities, not assets. Sure, city appartment costs more than that, but you won’t have to spend 1m EUR a month on it, just to keep the lights on when you come home.

The importance of Adria to the Slovenian market has been illustrated in the last year, despite what people say. Even with Adria, Ljubljana was still missing many major European cities. So this is not good for them. What alternative did the government have, other than to let Adria go bankrupt couple of years earlier?

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Following successful negotiations, on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia and on their own behalf, Slovenian Sovereign Holding, together with Bad Asset Management Company, signed a Share Purchase and Sale Agreement for The Contract includes a capital increase by the Republic of Slovenia in the amount of EUR 3.

The entire sale process started in July when contact was established with a wide range of financial and strategic investors. The sale process was managed on behalf of both Sellers by Slovenian Sovereign Holding, together with financial and legal advisors, and was conducted as a competitive sale process. The sale process was conducted in a professional and transparent manner providing equal treatment to all investors participating in the sale process, in accordance with the international practice in this field.

On the basis of a competitive sale process, the investment fund, 4K Invest through 4K KNDNS GmbH , headquartered in Luxembourg, offered the best bid, and was selected as the final buyer. The buyer, 4K Invest will recapitalise Adria Airways in the amount of EUR 1 million. The Republic of Slovenia will provide for the capital increase in Adria Airways in the amount of EUR 3. This is lower as the estimated and assessed direct costs linked with a bankruptcy scenario.

Having compared the stress scenarios, a decision was passed that the sale of Adria Airways with a prior recapitalisation by the Republic of Slovenia and a private investor, is the most cost-effective solution for the Republic of Slovenia, representing lesser cost for the Republic of Slovenia than a theoretical bankruptcy. In addition to that the functioning company contributes to the Slovenian budget approximately EUR 10 million annually through taxes while, under a negative scenario, the high costs of unemployment benefits would be directly charged to the Slovenia budget.

At the General Meeting of Shareholders of Adria Airways on January 19th , this transaction was put into execution. It is assessed by SSH and BAMC, that Adria Airways will get a buyer who will restructure it, maintain the Slovenian airline and provide for its future development, enabling thus long-term positive impacts to the budget, the Slovenian economy, the development of the industry and of all the stakeholders of the Company.

The capital increase and the sale process are expected to be completed in the following few months since regulatory approvals must first be obtained by the buyer and other contractual suspensive condition must be met.

4k invest adria airways

Stock market trading volume history

Wizz Air has optimistic predictions over the potential demand for the flight crew. The company plans to hire 4, new f Virgin Galactic targets late-September for its fifth crewed flight to space Aerlingus presented its new regional carrier, Emerald Airlines, due to begin operations from January The Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air noticed promising numbers of carried passengers in July AeroTime Team.

Source : 4K Invest. Share this news. This great AeroTime author has not written anything about himself yet. Wizz Air expands: plans to hire 4, pilots by Wizz Air has optimistic predictions over the potential demand for the flight crew. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Email. Virgin Galactic to fly Italian Air Force to space in September Virgin Galactic targets late-September for its fifth crewed flight to space

4k invest adria airways

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By Marja Novak. LJUBLJANA Reuters – Slovenian airline Adria Airways has filed for bankruptcy and canceled all flights, it said in a statement on Monday, after financial problems forced it to ground most of its planes over the last week. Adria is the latest in a long line of small European airlines to run into financial trouble amid industry overcapacity, cut-throat competition and high fuel prices. Since last Tuesday Adria has canceled more than flights affecting more than 15, passengers.

Officials were talking to Germany’s Lufthansa LHAG. DE and Fraport FRAG. DE , which owns Ljubljana airport, about transferring half of Adria’s flights, Pocivalsek said. Lufthansa is currently organizing flights to cover connections Adria was flying for the German group, either exclusively or via code share, he added. Slovenia sold Adria to 4K Invest in The company has since sold all of its planes and has been flying to several European destinations on leased aircraft.

Reporting by Marja Novak; additional reporting by Ilona Wissenbach; editing by Kirsten Donovan and Grant McCool. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. By Marja Novak 2 Min Read.

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The political responsibility of selling Adria to these idiots should also be investigated. Who chose 4K Invest over two other bidders and why? Seeing as he is working on setting up a new airline, has anyone asked him how he allowed for JP to be sold to 4K Invest? Our previous government paid 4K to take over Adria and to basically close it down for them.

I hope one day it will be clear who in Slovenian politics was behind this „give-away“ of a national asset from one pocket to another. Adria was not a national asset, it was a national liability. Stop romanticising a business that was loss-making for the entirety of its year existence. I think that they have gained what they wanted – to deploy milions to bank account in some third country.

I really never saw a bigger bunch of incompetent people than this 4K. Selling brand name, trying to scam Sukhoi, insisting that everything is ok in the company, publishing winter timetable and announcing new routes literally days before the company went bankrupt…. They are not incompetent at all, they are very good „con men“ ie. Simple as that.

Such a shame Adria was sold to them.

Aktien höchste dividende dax

AVIATION DOCTOR: Critical Insights and Analysis, Beyond the Headlines. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. You must be logged in to post a comment. AVIATION DOCTOR: Critical Insights and Analysis, Beyond the Headlines Hoping for something to change is NOT a strategy and you cannot change a problem with the same thinking and people that created the problem. Search Search for: Go. K4 Invest This tag is associated with 1 post. Who is the new buyer?

I wonder if they realize what they are getting into? When Putin thinks we are the enemy and talks of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons in a limited engagement we have no choice but to say NYET to Russian aircraft. Archives May April February January December November October September August July June February August July June May April March January November August July June April March February January December November October September August July June May April March February January December November August July June May April March February January Blogroll WordPress.

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Once the judicial phase of the investigation is complete, the prosecution will decide whether to file an indictment. They joined companies in a complex network that led from Great Britain to Germany and on to Luxembourg and Malta. According to the portal, this program should not only serve to optimize taxes and hide the real owners, but also make compliance with the regulations more difficult.

The alleged misconduct will have injured around 2, creditors who reported claims of more than EUR million as part of the reception process. The official received has admitted claims amounting to around EUR 88 million, while the bankruptcy estate is much smaller. It comprises EUR 2. Since Adria went bankrupt, the operating licenses have been auctioned for 45, euros to Air Adriatic, a company owned by the Slovenian importer Izt Rastoder, and the Adria Airways brand has been sold to Munif Otman Tarmum of the United Arab Emirates for 33, euros.

In April, an invitation to submit binding offers for the Adria office building and the associated property was published with an offer price of EUR 4. The offer period ends on June 30th. Source link. Latest Trending Filter All. Investigation to investigate the actions of the ultimate owners of Adria Airways for financial misconduct May 13, Notable Two Hundred Day Moving Average Cross — IUSB August 7,

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/07/26 · Adria Airways (JP, Ljubljana) majority shareholder and 4K Invest subsidiary, AA International Aviation Holding, says it has acquired the remaining % in outstanding Adria stock that it did not control originally. /01/19 · Investment fund 4K Invest will enable Adria Airways to grow again and develop. 4K Invest is a highly specialized fund that actively supports its companies in their return to profitability and independence from their former ownership. With more than 20 years of experience and nearly successful turnaround transactions of the management and partner team, 4K Invest is the among the .

LOL, good luck finding a single Euro or any of these crooks willing to come to Slovenia in order to face justice! Leave them alone there is nothing wrong or God forbid criminal in bancrupting an airline! Airlines go bust on a monthly basis its just a normal characteristic of such uncertain business like managing an airline. Air Italy went bust recently yet no one asks for criminal investigation and just look who was behind them. No one ever was found guilty for bancrupting an airline both state owned or private full stop.

They are not being investigated for being incompetent. They are being investigated for being corrupt! Here you go: „It is believed the fund funneled money from Adria Airways and inked a number of highly damaging consultancy agreements on behalf of the Slovenian carrier with other companies in its ownership. And to think there were some people here defending 4k just a few months ago. The political responsibility of selling Adria to these idiots should also be investigated.

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