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Simon Boccanegra Melodramma in un prologo e tre atti Musica di Giuseppe Verdi Libretto di Francesco Maria Piave PERSONAGGI PROLOGO Simon Boccanegra, corsaro al servizio della repubblica genovese, Baritono Jacopo Fiesco, nobile genovese, Basso Paolo Albiani, filatore d’oro genovese, Baritono Pietro, popolano di Genova, Baritono Marinai, Popolo, Domestici di Fiesco, Size: KB. SIMON BOCCANEGRA Libretto in tre atti e un prologo. Prima versione. testi di Francesco Maria Piave musiche di Giuseppe Verdi Prima esecuzione: 12 marzo , Venezia. 1 / Informazioni Simon Boccanegra Cara lettrice, caro lettore, il sito internet è dedicato ai libretti d’opera in lingua italiana. 04/03/ · Libretto Simon Boccanegra. NULLA. Copertina. Prima pagina. Melodramma in un prologo e tre atti. Libretto di Francesco Maria PIAVE, Arrigo BOITO Musica di Giuseppe VERDI Prima esecuzione: 24 marzo , Milano, Teatro alla Scala. PERSONAGGI. Libretto: Simon Boccanegra. von Giuseppe Verdi. Informationen Synopsis (de) Synopsis (it) Libretto (de) Libretto (it) Noten (it) HIGHLIGHTS. SIMONE BOCCANEGRA. Oper in einem Vorspiel und drei Akten. Personen des Vorspiels: SIMONE BOCCANEGRA, Freibeuter, früher in Diensten der Republik Genua als. Befehlshaber der Kriegsflotte (Bariton).

Simon Boccanegra was first performed at Teatro La Fenice in Venice on 12 March Given the complications of the original plot and the generally poor popular response — although the critical one was more encouraging — the opera dropped out of favour after Finally, 23 years later, Verdi’s publisher persuaded the composer to revise the opera, with text changes to be prepared by Arrigo Boito , the librettist who aspired to work with the aging composer on a project which eventually became a new opera, Otello , but to which Verdi had not totally committed at that time.

The revised version of Simon Boccanegra , with the now-famous Council Chamber scene, was first performed at La Scala in Milan on 24 March It is this version which is the one most frequently performed today. Musicologist and author Julian Budden points to three projects which the composer had in mind when, at the beginning of , he turned down an invitation from La Fenice to write a new opera for them for the following year. He responded: „the chief obstacle is my unshakable determination not to bind myself anymore to a definite period for either the composition or the production“.

The only project for which there was forward motion was towards accomplishing his long-planned Re Lear , an opera to be based on King Lear , for which his new librettist following Salvadore Cammarano ’s death was Antonio Somma. The somewhat convoluted plot of Simon Boccanegra can be hard to follow. Budden notes: „All the characters define themselves against an ingeniously shifting pattern of intrigue such as can be highly effective in a play but well-nigh impossible to follow in an opera“.

What do you think of that? Piave was informed that Verdi’s stay would need to be lengthened and everything would be handled between them and the Venetian authorities by mail. However, Verdi’s dissatisfaction with some of the librettist’s work led him to find a local collaborator to help revise some of the sections.

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In , Verdi agreed to write a new opera for Teatro la Fenice in Venice. Although his thoughts again turned to Shakespeare ’s King Lear, Verdi finally decided that Antonio Gutierrez ’s Simon Bocanegra would be a better subject for the Venitian public. Francesco Piave wrote the basic libretto, but becuase Verdi was in Paris at the time, Giuseppe Montanelli provided the changes which Verdi required. At the premiere on March 12, , the libretto was universally criticized as being nearly unintelligible.

The music also failed to please the public: they found it too declamatory and without melody. In , Verdi began to work on a total revision of the opera with Arrigo Boito providing the new text. Every scene except the second act has many minor changes to the score, but the primary change was the addition of the council chamber scene in Act One. Boito wanted to make more changes, but Verdi stood firm in his decision not to rewrite the entire work despite his admiration for Boito ’s new text.

Because of this, Boito requested that his name not be placed on the title page. The opera was certainly more successful at the March 24, , premiere of the revised version, but the public still found the opera gloomy, and it has never found its way into the central repertoire. The music of Simon Boccanegra is very different from most of Verdi ’s other operas. This is his first opera without a prelude or overture although the version did have a prelude.

The curtain rises immediately on the prologue with the action taking place 25 years before the rest of the opera.

verdi simon boccanegra libretto

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PDF scanned by Unknown M. Preludio – Che Dicesti? L’altra Magion Vedete? Page Page Discuss this piece 0 Report issue View source History What links here Related changes Printable version Permanent link Add File Add Scan Add Manuscript New Composition New Arrangement New Edition Recording Log in Log in navbarlockitem navbarexpfileent Search IMSLP site Search by IMSLP index. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.

Creative Commons Zero 1. Work Title Simon Boccanegra Alt ernative. Title Composer Verdi, Giuseppe I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. First Pub lication.

verdi simon boccanegra libretto

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Teatro alla Scala , Mailand zweite Fassung. Simon Boccanegra ist eine Oper in einem Prolog und drei Akten von Giuseppe Verdi. Die Uraufführung der ersten Fassung fand am März im Teatro La Fenice in Venedig statt. Eine überarbeitete Fassung wurde erstmals am März im Teatro alla Scala in Mailand gespielt. Paolo und Pietro wollen den Korsaren Simon Boccanegra zum Dogen Genuas wählen lassen.

Dieser Korsar ist beim Volk beliebt, auch deshalb, weil er die Stadt von Piraten befreit hat. Simon liebt Maria, die Tochter des Patriziers Jacopo Fiesco, und hat mit ihr ein Kind. Vor dem Palast des Fiesco bietet der Hausherr Boccanegra Versöhnung an, fordert dafür aber sein Enkelkind und verschweigt den Tod seiner Tochter. Das Kind Marias und Simons ist jedoch spurlos verschwunden.

Fiesco glaubt das nicht und verflucht Boccanegra. Daraufhin dringt Boccanegra in Fiescos Haus ein und findet seine tote Geliebte.

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National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Verdi, Giuseppe. Simon Boccanegra. London : New York : J. Calder ; Riverrun Press. Calder ; Riverrun Press London : New York Calder ; Riverrun Press London : New York. Includes libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, rev. English translation by James Fenton, and commentary.

Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card. To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. You can view this on the NLA website. Login Register.

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Composer: Giuseppe Verdi. Premiered: March 12, – Teatro La Fenice, Venice. Setting of Simon Boccanegra : Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra takes place in Genoa, Italy during the 14th century. The Story of Simon Boccanegra. Simon Boccanegra , PROLOGUE. In an attempt to gain control over the Aristocratic patrician party, Paolo and Pietro, leaders of the plebeian party, gather in the piazza and conspire to support Simon Boccanegra as Doge chief magistrate of Genoa.

Boccanegra, a former pirate, agrees to run for the position, hoping it would allow him to save and marry Maria. Because Maria gave birth to Boccanegra’s child illegitimately, she was imprisoned by her father, Fiesco. As Paolo and Pietro garner support for Boccanegra, Fiesco arrives mourning the death of his daughter, Maria.

Boccanegra beseeches Fiesco for forgiveness. Fiesco, keeping Maria’s death a secret, promises Boccanegra clemency in exchange for his grandchild. Boccanegra explains that his daughter has recently vanished, and Fiesco rushes away. Behind Boccanegra, a gathered crowd begins cheering for him as they elected him to be the new Doge.

Boccanegra, unable to pay attention to them, enters Fiesco’s palace, only to find Maria’s lifeless body.

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Genova, XIV secolo. Il plebeo Simon Boccanegra ama Maria e da questa ha una figlia, ma la donna muore e la piccola scompare. Simone viene eletto doge grazie alle manovre di Paolo. La figlia riappare con il nome di Amelia 25 anni dopo, amata dal patrizio Gabriele Adorno. Paolo medita vendetta, studiando il rapimento di Amelia. Nel frattempo Adorno viene arrestato e Paolo lo induce a credere in un legame impuro tra Amelia e il padre. A Genova nel XIV secolo.

Sposa Maria, sposa del patrizio Fiesco, e ha una figlia. Ma la bimba scompare, mentre Maria muore. Sono passati venticinque anni. Il Fiesco ha allevato una trovatella.

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Simon Boccanegra is an opera with a prologue and three acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, based on the play Simón Bocanegra () by Antonio García Gutiérrez. It was first performed at Teatro La Fenice, Venice on 12 March Composer: Giuseppe Verdi. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Che dicesti?, a for baritone, bass and baritone, from the Italian opera Simon Boccanegra by Giuseppe Verdi.

Zwischen dem Vorspiel und der Handlung liegt ein Zeitraum von 20 Jahren VORSPIEL Ein Platz in Genua. Im Hintergrund die Kirche San Lorenzo. Rechts der Palast der Fieschi mit einem grossen Balkon. An der Mauer seitlich des Balkons ein Heiligenbild. Links andere Häuser. Verschiedene Strassen münden in den Platz. Es ist Nacht. Szene und Chor Paolo und Pietro kommen im Gespräch PAOLO Nein, unmöglich!

Zum ersten Mann im Rate Lorenzin, diesen Wuch’rer? PIETRO Nenn einen bessren, wenn du ihn findest. PAOLO Simone, der aus unsern Meeren Vertrieb die afrikanischen Piraten Und der dem Banner Genuas Wiedererstritt die alte Macht und Grösse.

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