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Virtual Aircraft Museum / United Kingdom / Aviation Traders The Accountant (named for its supposed good economics) was another attempt to replace the DC-3 in the postwar airlines and air forces. Aviation Traders, a small British company mainly involved in converting passenger aircraft to freighters, decided to enter the market in with a modern-technology pilotenkueche.de: 2 x kW Rolls-Royce Dart pilotenkueche.de6 Mk Aviation Traders Accountant. The Aviation Traders ATL Accountant was the attempt of the British aerospace company Aviation Traders Ltd.. and enter the series production of certain machines with a twin-engined turboprop passenger aircraft, the market area . 16/05/ · Aviation Traders Accountant. Aviation Traders Limited ATL was a war – surplus aircraft and spares trader formed in In , it began maintaining aircraft used by some of Britain s May 16 Saunders – Roe SR July 4 Ilyushin Il – 18 July 9 Aviation Traders Accountant July 16 Aerotecnica AC – 14 September 12 Cessna November. Aviation Traders ATL Accountant. Aviation Traders ATL Accountant. There are 1Versions for Aircraft Generic Type Aviation Traders ATL Accountantin the pilotenkueche.de database. Aircraft Version. Photos. Aviation Traders ATL Accountant 1. 1. Popular SearchesOn pilotenkueche.de Top Photos of .

Aviation Traders Limited ATL was a war – surplus aircraft and spares trader formed in In , it began maintaining aircraft used by some of Britain s May 16 Saunders – Roe SR. From , it all – new aircraft design, the ATL – 90 Accountant In , Aviation Traders Engineering a sister company of Aviation Traders won a contract from Bristol Aircraft includes: Armstrong Whitworth AW. S AVA – AII AVA – Aviation Products, Ltd, Bitburg, Germany Aviation Products Star Trike Aviation Traders Accountant Aviation Traders Carvair Aviator Basil Smallpeice, KCVO 18 September 12 July was an English accountant and businessman, who served as a director of several companies, including consignments.

The first aircraft joined the fleet in April of that year. Aviation Traders won the contract to convert the Britannias into freighters. This involved. Alderman Cuthbert Lowell Ackroyd, Lord Mayor of London. Major of Meat Traders Associations. Albert Harry Boyd, Clerical Officer, Higher Grade, Colonial Office. Helen Florence – Butler, Assistant Accountant Ministry the newest Aer Lingus destination Boston.

In , Aer Lingus added Aviation Traders Carvairs to the fleet. These aircraft could transport five cars which accountancy and qualified as a chartered accountant He was also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ICAN In Moshood Abiola Senior Shipping Officer, Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Doris Mellefont Hamilton, Accountant Grade I, Public Trustee Office.

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From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. The Aviation Traders ATL Accountant was a s British twin-engined passenger turboprop airliner built at Southend Airport England by Aviation Traders , a member of the airline and aircraft engineering group controlled by Freddie Laker. The ATL Accountant was a turboprop airliner designed as a replacement for the Douglas DC It was powered by two Rolls-Royce Dart turboprops and first flew from Southend on 9 July The only Accountant, initially flown using the test serial G, but quickly registered G-ATEL, was displayed at the Farnborough Airshow in September but did not attract much commercial interest.

The aircraft last flew on 10 January , development was abandoned and the aircraft was scrapped in February Create your Account. Are you sure you want to cancel your membership with us? Aviation Traders Accountant. This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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aviation traders accountant

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Post a Comment. Pages Home Contact. Thursday, January 3, Worst Aircraft: Aviation Traders ATL Accountant. It’s a hard-cover, oversized book, part of a series that includes THe World’s Worst Automobiles. Full color illustrations, at least a couple for each plane mentioned. Good quality. In addition to discussing women aviators on this blog, as well as women ground crew, etc.

And I’ll start with commenting on these Worst Aircraft The name was ridiculous agreed , and it was simply unveiled at the wrong time as the market was already saturated with similar planes. This was an attempt to replace the DC-3 after WWII.

aviation traders accountant

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Aviation Traders Ltd is a company founded in British aerospace company, to bring the original intention was to develop a successor to the famous American Douglas DC -3 and on the market. Over time, various types of aircraft were first rebuilt in the and ATL Accountant published as a first pattern of its own. However, the greatest success the company had with the conversion of Douglas DC-4 on special cargo aircraft with excessive cockpit called ATL Carvair that could carry both cars and passengers.

Today Aviation Traders has worked as a technical development and consulting company and at the same time produces various components or equipment for the aviation industry. The airborne operation was temporarily known as Aviation Traders Engineering Ltd.. The company Aviation Traders Limited was founded in by British businessman and private pilot Sir Freddie Laker on the airfield at Rochford Southend -on-Sea in Essex , England.

The company went out there from the company Britavia, which also belonged to him. Freddie Laker was one of many designers and manufacturers, the time it tried to develop a more modern successor to the famous and long after the Second World War ever- popular American Douglas DC -3 and to market them successfully. The first drafts Lakers this go back to the year First Aviation Traders began with the conversion of existing aircraft types according to customer’s request.

The company equipped to surplus military trainer aircraft such as the Percival Prentice and some other types for the civil service. In about the same time some four-engined Avro Tudor were converted to cargo aircraft with the designation Avro Super Trader, after the original machine had not proved to be a commercial aircraft on behalf of customers.

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Aviation Traders ATL Accountant oli Aviation Tradersin valmistama potkuriturbiinikäyttöinen matkustajalentokone. Douglas DCn korvaajaksi tarkoitettu kone [3] lensi ensilentonsa Southendissä 9. Vuosien ja välillä tehtyjen markkinatutkimusten mukaan lentoyhtiöt alkoivat etsiä Douglas DClle korvaajaa. Freddie Lakerin omistama, aiemmin lentokoneiden muutostöitä tehnyt Aviation Traders päätti hyödyntää tilaisuuden ja aloittaa uuden lentokoneen suunnittelun.

Lakeriin teki vaikutuksen Healin vuonna patentoima jännitystekniikka, jossa lentokoneen ulkopinta valmistettiin metallista samalla tavalla kuin ensimmäisten lentokoneiden pinta kankaasta: venyttämällä ja jännittämällä. Näin rungosta tuli vahva ja kevyt ja koneen kuljetuskapasiteetti kasvoi. Laker pyysi Hallia suunnittelemaan jännitystekniikkaan pohjautuvan DCn korvaajan noin 30 matkustajalle.

DC-3 oli hyvin menestyksekäs lentokone: toisen maailmansodan loppuun mennessä sitä oli valmistettu yli 20 kappaletta. Niinpä tyypin hankintahinnat olivat alhaisia ja varaosia oli laajasti saatavilla. Niiden korvaajiksi tarkoitettujen konetyyppien tuli siis olla huomattavasti parempia, jotta lentoyhtiöt kiinnostuisivat niistä hintaerosta huolimatta.

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All Google’s trademarks are the properties of Google Inc. Should any trademark attribution be missing, mistaken or erroneous, please contact me as soon as possible for rectification. Aviation Traders Description. Lang: en Aviation Traders Limited ATL was a war-surplus aircraft and spares trader formed in In , it began maintaining aircraft used by some of Britain’s contemporary independent airlines on the Berlin Airlift.

In the early s, it branched out into aircraft conversions and manufacturing. During that period it also became a subcontractor for other aircraft manufacturers. By the end of the decade, it was taken over by the Airwork group. Description provided by Wikipedia. Aviation Traders Carvair Aviation Traders Aviation Traders Accountant Aviation Traders Limited Aviation Traders Atl Carvair Production List Aviation Traders Engineering Ltd Aviation Traders Insurance Aviation Traders Stansted Aviation Traders Atl Carvair Wiki Aviation Traders Southend Entity Index This is the list of all entities in this result page.

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Aviation Traders Engineering Limited Aviation Traders Engineering Aviation Traders Engineering Limited Aviation Traders Engineering Ltd Bond Air Services. Aviation Traders Limited ATL was a war-surplus aircraft and spares trader formed in Sir Freddie Laker F. Laker Freddie Awards. Aviation Traders Ltd. ATL was established by Freddie Laker at Bovingdon in Hertfordshire, England, in to trade in war-surplus aircraft and spares.

In , he sold Air Charter, Aviation Traders and Channel Air Bridge to Airwork. Laker Airways Channel Air Bridge Air Charter Limited Aviation Traders Low-cost carrier. Southend Airport Southend RAF Rochford. Two years later, Laker shifted his fledgling business to new premises at Rochford aerodrome later Southend Municipal Airport near Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England.

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29/07/ · Aviation Traders ATL Accountant. Let’s start with A. Aviation Traders was a company run by the famous Freddie Laker. They also came up later with the ATL Carvair, a converted DC The Accountant was another failed DC-3 pilotenkueche.deted Reading Time: 30 secs. 15 rows · ATL’s answer was the ATL Accountant, which first flew on 9 July The Accountant .

The Aviation Traders ATL Accountant was the attempt of the British aerospace company Aviation Traders Ltd.. The first flight took place on 9 July but the low-wing remained a single prototype, since despite some interest ultimately no buyer could be found for it. The ATL Accountant was of Aviation Traders Ltd.. His first designs for a successor to the Dakota went back to the year and with the ATL – 90 should now as before with the DC-3 aircraft arise that should be sold all over the world.

The ATL was designed as a low-wing aircraft and conceptually something like a slightly smaller variant of the excellent proven equipped with four turboprop engines of the type Rolls-Royce Dart passenger aircraft Vickers Viscount for short and medium distances. To save time and money in the development Laker took the bow and cockpit section of the Vickers Viscount, which is why the machine quite certain similarities with the latter machine had up on the twinengines, with the tail distinctly different turn.

Laker expected due to the visual similarity not only to the Vickers Viscount some chances on the market and wanted to go into series production of certain machines, the market area covering roughly the Fokker F The only prototype first flew on 9 July with the registration G- ATEL. There were three prototypes provided, of which only one was completed and flown. It could be won no customer for the project despite undeniable qualities and some international interest, as the market with the already successful patterns Avro , Handley Page Dart Herald and Fokker F Friendship was already saturated.

The program was therefore finally ceased in and scrapped the prototype in February Aviation Traders Accountant The Aviation Traders ATL Accountant was the attempt of the British aerospace company Aviation Traders Ltd.. History The ATL Accountant was of Aviation Traders Ltd..

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