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17/12/ · Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is the country’s social, economic and cultural hub, full of vibrant nightlife and decadent day-shopping. While Yerevan seems a younger European city, the contemporary architecture blends well with Soviet-era pink tuff buildings, giving the city its local nickname, “the Pink City”. The ambience is hospitable, a welcoming change from the hustle-and Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Before Yerevan, the following cities were capitals of Great Armenia: Van is situated on the shore of Lake Van. It is also known as Tosap, Tushpa, Van-Tosp. Yervandavan, Shamiramakert. It is one of the ancient cities of the world and many eminent archeologists were engaged in its excavations. 08/02/ · Top Things to do in Armenia capital: Explore Top Symbols of Yerevan from Above. Erebuni Fortress is the first place we recommend to , Yerevan will witness the celebration of its th anniversary. Yerevan is older than the Eternal City of Rome, yet, it . Yerevan. Yeravan is culturally rich and nice city, where are a lot of things to do and places to visit. Check out this articles to learn more about Yerevan.

According to historians, Great Armenia had 12 capitals, not including Tsopk Sophene , Kammagene, Cilicia, Lesser Armenia Armenia Minor and other state units. However they insist that the Armenian statehood has deeper roots therefore, there were other capitals, about which we will no in the future. All these cities are indivisible part of the Armenian history, symbols of statehood.

Before Yerevan, the following cities were capitals of Great Armenia:. Van Van is situated on the shore of Lake Van. It is also known as Tosap, Tushpa, Van-Tosp. Yervandavan, Shamiramakert. It is one of the ancient cities of the world and many eminent archeologists were engaged in its excavations. According to the history, King Sarduri I, reigned from to BC, replaced the royal court here and built the temple of the God of Sun Shivini.

The wife of God Shivini was Goddess Tushpuea one of the names of the city who was holding the winged discus of the sun above her head. Armavir Armavir is situated nearby the village of Haykavan of Armavir district. The foundation of the city of Argishtikhinili in this area is mentioned in the cuneiform tablet of the founder of Yerevan, King Argishti I. The Yervanduni dynasti founded the town of Armavir in this area.

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Mar 10, Sights 0. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. Moreover, it is the 12th capital. Yerevan is one of the oldest settlements in the world and one of the oldest cities where people inhabited continuously. It is located on the bank of the Hrazdan River and is the administrative, cultural and economic center of the country. The creation and the name of Yerevan, as well as many other old and new cities, are connected with ancient legends.

If Romulus and Remus brothers founded Rome, the name of Athens is associated with the goddess Athena Pallas, then the name of. Yerevan is traditionally associated with the Great Flood and the Ark of Noah. The water had retreated and he saw something far away. Noah became delightful and pointed to that side with his hand.

He meant the land.

armenia capital yerevan

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Demonym for a Yerevan resident: Yerevantsi Population: 1,, Yerevan at August 15, Density: 12, people per square mile 4, per square kilometer Population: 2,, Armenia at August 15, Density: people per square mile per square kilometer Median age for all Armenia: Credible city GDP statistics for Yerevan were unavailable. Official currency used in Yerevan: Armenian dram.

Research Sources: Brookings Institution, Global Metro Monitor Report includes GDP data. Central Intelligence Agency, World Factbook, Field Listing: Major Urban Areas. Central Intelligence Agency, World Factbook, Middle East: Armenia. CityMetric, Where are largest cities in the world? Demographia, World Urban Area, 12th Annual Edition. Guinness World Records, Heaviest dead lift with the little finger.

Guinness World Records, Most iron bars bent with the head in one minute. International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Databases. International Trade Centre, Trade Map. Numbeo, Quality of Life Index by City.

armenia capital yerevan

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Already in Armenia capital city Yerevan or planning a visit soon? Looking for tips about things to do in Yerevan? Keep reading and scrolling down to reap the best experiences from your Armenia capital visit. Located in the heart of Armenia, this sunny city is amazingly cultural and friendly, so your trip to Yerevan is going to be altogether enjoyable. With numerous points of interest, Yerevan is one of the best cities for exploring nightlife as well, with its pubs, discos and sky bars.

Erebuni Fortress is the first place we recommend to visit. In , Yerevan will witness the celebration of its th anniversary. Yerevan is older than the Eternal City of Rome, yet, it has not retained its eternity. Maybe Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune and luck, was more powerful than her Armenian equivalent. Nevertheless, we are lucky enough to have this Urartian stronghold, dated back to B. C, which became the foundation date of Yerevan.

Mother Armenia is the next thing to see in Yerevan during your trip. This is a monumental statue of a woman dominating the city center.

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The ambience is hospitable, a welcoming change from the hustle-and-bustle of cities like Milan, Paris or Prague. Join our guided tour to explore the different dimensions and faces of this amazing city. Yerevan is a city with cold winters and degree-plus summers. Spring is an amazing time to be in the city, as the trees wake from their winter hibernation, but autumn is the best time to visit this wonderful city.

Where should you stay when in Yerevan? For those on a tight budget, a rental apartment or hostel is the way to go. Grammy Hostel, One Way Hostel and Kantar Hostel are some great options, with their staff providing great service, affordable prices, and the convenience of great locations. If you plan on splurging a bit, consider these top hotels in Yerevan: The Armenia Marriott Hotel , Radisson BLU Hotel , Grand Hotel Yerevan , DoubleTree by Hilton , Opera Suite Hotel and the Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel.

The best transport in Yerevan is already available — your feet! Walking is the easiest way to get around this city, and even if you get lost — taxis are readily available, which will return you to your hotel or apartment for only a few dollars. Sounds like fun!

armenia capital yerevan

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About SpongeBob in Yerevan, making friends and relatives and too much so-called Chinese food. We entered Yerevan in a very good mood. All the way was downhill and though we had already been so close to the city we arrived to the center before 9 am. It was an easy thing to do and we enjoyed having still all day left. Our host Gohar is great. She is 22 years old, she is an atronomer and just finished her master thesis. Gohar is another great example for the Armenian hospitality.

She kept offering us fruits, tea and food; we even slept in her bedroom while she slept in the guestroom. She also introduced us to her German friend Joseph who lived just 10 minutes away from her place. Joseph allowed us to store our bikes safely with him and we all met several times for dinner. It hardly ever happens. We stayed for one wonderful week , worked, walked and researched everything about the visa marathon that would wait for us in Tehran.

Gohar planned a trip for us and two of her friends to the highest Mountain of Armenia: Mount Aragats.

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Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and by far the largest city in the with over 1 million inhabitants it has a third of the total population of Armenia. It is situated in the middle of the best agricultural land in Armenia, at the foot of Mount Ararat and very near the border with Turkey. /8/4 · Step 1: Introduction to the question „Yerevan is the capital of which country? 1. Armenia 2. Albania 3. Azerbaijan 4. Austria Step 2: Answer to the question „Yerevan is the capital of which country? Armenia: Please let us know as comment, if the answer is not.

Every Armenian diasporan has two homes: one that recreates the ancestral land, with the spicy scent of stuffed eggplant swirling through the air, illustrious literature gracing the bookshelves, and the sounds of the ancient language flowing through each room. The other is thousands of miles away, a shell of its former glory but magnificent nonetheless, simply because of its existence against all odds.

I was 12 years old the first time I visited Armenia. It had been an independent country only seven years and was half-heartedly attempting to shed decades of Soviet rule. It was an Armenia I had romanticized from afar, and my adolescent eyes were awed by the ancient temples and monasteries. During subsequent trips, the veil lifted.

Like any new democracy, Armenia has seen its share of growing pains as the republic learns how to govern and the people learn how to be heard. A walkable city with a small-town feel, Yerevan is easy to get around by foot, cab, bus , and subway. Like many cities, it is one of contrasts. Older gentlemen in white button-down shirts reminisce about yesteryear as they smoke Ararat cigarettes and smack dice across mother-of-pearl backgammon boards while teenage sons of oligarchs zoom past in extravagant sports cars.

Some cheer the construction boom and Western-style restaurants and nightlife; others jeer. Many embrace an independent Armenia; others are wistful for what they describe as a better life during Soviet times. But the perfect day in Yerevan begins with the perfect sunrise, as coral-pink sunlight grazes the icy peaks and mark the beginning of a new day.

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